Monday, December 22, 2008

It Snows and He Walks (well, one step)

We celebrated Eli's first Thanksgiving in the privacy of our own home... I cooked for the 3 of us and Eli actually ate some too! I learned he really doesn't like mashed potatoes and rubs them into his hair rather than eat them (just like RJ used to do when he was a baby). The weather was really nice so we ate out on our new deck, yay!!! Now we don't have to worry that anyone will break their ankle on the old one!
i took Eli's Christmas pics myself again... I think we did a little better. It was really tough to get him to sit still and not crawl. He took one step on December 17 but NOTHING since then, I figure he knows he has the crawling down, why bother?
He also has been having some breathing and coughing (mostly coughing) issues for some time now and his Doctor started him on some treatments to help with inflammation in his lungs. I REALLY am hoping and praying that it doesn't turn into Asthma. The Doctor did say that it doesn't always mean it will. It was really hard to get the breathing treatments in him, he was NOT happy and waking him (and us) up every 4 hours is no picnic!!! ANyway, he still plays and plays constantly, he'd never know he was having an issue.... Lastly, we did have night with some real snow. Pretty awesome for us "Yankees"...