Sunday, January 16, 2011

Eli is 3!

We celebrated Eli's 3rd birthday, once again, with the train theme. This is the second year in a row. Not that I don't love trains, I am just hoping for a new theme next year... I have now bought everything possible "train-themed" thus far and I don't think they make anything else so.. to avoid reusing the same old decorations, we must move past this party phase!

Mimi and Pap sent Eli this GIANT Thomas tent, a very big hit at the party. Now to find a place for it while we try to sell our house! We also made our own balloons this year with a kit.... I LOVED THIS.

Eli started opening presents before we even got in the room...

Our dear, dear nanny, Nena...

Eli's friends enjoying cupcakes on the kitchen floor.

Crazy mother I know, but I bought him this drumkit.. he seems really musical so we will see. The good news is.. it has a volume button!

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